Words With Oz

"Be a craftsman in speech that thou mayest be strong, for the strength of one is the tongue, and speech is mightier than all fighting." - The Maxims of Ptahhotep (XXXIV)

Oz’ “get the job done, no matter what” attitude rubs off on everyone in the room which makes him someone you want to be around.
When he explained WWO to me I can’t say it was something that would normally grab my attention. However, knowing Oz, I knew these talks would not be your average self-help spiel. After attending his six talks you realise his words come from experience, not just something he has read in a book. You can really buy into his story.

This made him resonate with me as I actually believe and trust what he is trying to teach.
Hearing the talks and implementing some of his methods has really helped me get closer to achieving my business and personal goals, for this I thank him.
— Chris Feather, Gym Manager & Entrepreneur
Having attended numerous Words With Oz sessions and spoken to Mike outside of the sessions, I can genuinely say the intentions behind this project are well founded and a testament to his passion for helping people reach the goals they deserve but often fail to execute due to unfound fear and the ability to set measurable timelines and check points.

If nothing else, his workshops are a good opportunity to take time out and reassess where we are as individuals and where we ultimately want to be.
— Vincent Wong, Business Owner
Going to a Words With Oz talk is a bit like being greeted with a smile and then a forceful push in the right direction. You move in the right direction because it doesn’t force you to keep going forwards. It forces you to stop, reflect, check in and reevaluate where you are. And consequently whether you want to keep walking down the route ahead of you. Once you’re there, still, and looking at every route — forwards, backwards, sideways — you’re pushed in the ‘no bullshit’ way Oz does best to run in the direction your gut tells you to, not society.
— Emily Brooks, Journalist
The Words with Oz talks and workshops spoke true to the power of the mind. Each week, I learned something new and valuable, that overcoming fear was simple, that if I truly believed and put my mind to something, I can achieve it and that your morning routine is the key to your success.
Words with Oz was thought provoking but most of all, it was practical, attainable and achievable. After each session, you truly are left feeling like you can take over the world. I highly recommend to everyone as there is always something in our lives that we can improve or want to enhance.
— Keri Kitay, Business Owner
It is said that the future belongs only to those who beleive in their dreams. That means that to hope, to dream and to strive is what it means to be human. Oz’s talks provide the guidance and framework to discover your most outrageous, most unrealistic goals and then gives you the motivation and courage to walk in to the darkness and accomplish them, no matter what the outcome.
— Ryan Abbott, Personal Trainer
Words With Oz has been an instrumental tool in personal and professional goal setting, enabling me with the know how to clearly identify what I want to achieve, creating structure in my approach, and inspiring me to take control over any previously perceived obstacles. I cannot recommend this series of talks more highly. Not only has WWO inspired me to better myself, it has increased my desire to help others and see them happy and fulfilled. On every single occasion, I left WWO with such renewed energy and feeling of security in my mission. I can’t thank Oz enough for reigniting the stoke in my goals and enabling me with effective tools to chase them.
— Scott Henderson, Business Owner
Having been a personal trainer for 13 years I’ve come across a lot of ‘inspiration’ but very few inspire me on the level that Oz does.
Having worked with him closely for a few years now I can honestly say he is one of very few that practise what they preach and he leads by example.
Resilience, persistence, work rate and serious ambition come hand in hand when you are talking about Oz. 
If you want to get the most out of yourself and you’re looking to take your life to the next level you should be working with Oz.
— Blake Worrall-Thompson, Trainer & Entrepreneur
I have always been someone who is outcome focused without taking the time to think about the steps I need to take to achieve my goals.
Recently I attended Oz’s Six Pillars series of talks. It quickly became apparent to me that many of the times that I have fell short of achieving my personal, professional and fitness goals were as a result of not taking the time to identify the steps I need to take to achieve success.
Following on from attending Oz’s Six Pillars talks, I have often paused to reflect on Oz’s words. I have previously been hesitant to reflect too much on my experiences (sweep it under the rug, move on) however since attending Oz’ talks, I am beginning to take the steps to achieve all that I want in life. 
A major career move and hitting fitness goals have been two examples of targets I’ve been thrilled to achieve since taking on Oz’s words into my daily life.
— Laura Bray, Business Analyst
Words with Oz has motivated me to aim high and be determined and willing to work for what I want most. It’s helped me change my mindset to understand what it takes from within myself to accomplish great things and how capable I am of achieving success that can affect not only me but the world. Words with Oz always has me feeling inspired with a whole new sense of determination to pursue greatness without letting fear or negativity stop me from getting where I want to be.
— Victoria Burden, Health & Fitness Specialist

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