Words With Oz

"Be a craftsman in speech that thou mayest be strong, for the strength of one is the tongue, and speech is mightier than all fighting." - The Maxims of Ptahhotep (XXXIV)

A T - Investor and Business Owner

My perception of working with Oz was that there would be some form of checklist approach for the eight week program. That Oz had some list of tasks to tick off in order to achieve my objectives. Oz does not approach anything in the perceived normal way. He was far more in depth, adaptive and far more real than what I had in mind. Some of his questions and queries dig deep into your core.

 The Eight Week Life Hack was about Focus, Accountability and Implementation. Oz had me establish what it was I actually wanted out of the program and who I needed to be to reach my goals.

 Once we established those basics I found tat I started living towards my goals immediately. The pathway toward what I what I wanted to achieve became much clearer than I thought possible. Not only did I start working toward what I truly wanted but I achieved more in eight weeks with Oz than the previous 8 months. Even now, months on, I have maintained the productivity and momentum because of the routines Oz held me accountable to establish.

 I classify myself as a high achiever. This program may work for people wanting to pick themselves up and get more out of their day to day, but more so, this program is for high achievers like me who are looking for the accountability that will get them to the next level, next goal and beyond.

T F - Head Chef

Working with Oz was the confrontation I needed to have. Admit my goals to myself and share them with strangers. The program provided time and assistance to establish a focal point of my desires, and the required steps to achieving them. Oz is deep, his activities had me feeling like I was using a confessional mixed with the constant disciplined accountability of a teacher. It worked. My aspirations were verbalised and my core values found.

Once I confessed my ultimate dreams and desires I realised that if you set your mind with the right thoughts, determination and resilience than you are well on your way to achieving them. Oz had me realise this through his program built on routine and accountability to what I said I’d do. Oz creates a way of living that assists in actually achieving what you want.

 Oz provides a without prejudice sounding board and perspective. I found techniques that I continue to use in life when facing the most difficult of tasks. I am clear on my long term goals, have the routines to achieve it and the courage to be more assertive in my decision making. I have a contact now that I know I can call whenever I need a tweak.

 We’re all facing challenges and trying to be our best selves, Oz provides to platform to do that and the upfront realisation that we’re all in this together.

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