Words With Oz

"Be a craftsman in speech that thou mayest be strong, for the strength of one is the tongue, and speech is mightier than all fighting." - The Maxims of Ptahhotep (XXXIV)

Six hours forty-seven minutes.

Ask my family, that’s how much sleep Oz gets. My alarms go off at 4.27 and 4.33; Kettle is on by 4.40; Warm lemon water and morning supplements by 4.45; Opti-burn and l-carnitine by 4.50; Ear phones in, Les Brown on and run to the gym by 5.10am.

The same. Every morning. Some say routine is boring, I say routine creates greatness.

Successful people operate with routine. All will have a strict morning routine. Many will have a routine that lasts until after lunch. The most successful will have a routine that lasts well beyond the work day.

People who want to achieve more than the average need to be efficient and productive. They need to be up early and fit more into their day. Routine provides this. A morning routine allows the day to start in a positive frame of mind, the most important tasks are covered first thing and the energy to tackle to rest of the day is fearsome. A routine dismisses any ‘I’m not in the mood’ option. The standard of the day is set and that standard – unstoppable.

It need not only be a morning routine that sets a standard. Routines make even the most difficult tasks simpler. Consider an accomplished sportsperson, in a pressure situation, they handle that pressure by sticking to their routine. The routine puts them into their performance state. Transfer this concept to even the most mundane of daily tasks. To perform better, create a routine, create a positive state, create energy.

Creating a positive state by way of a routine is efficient and productive. It allows the subconscious portion of our brain (the largest portion) to take over. For example:

Think about the first hour of your day.

Did it happen automatically? Can you even remember it? Was it easy?

Can you remember a time when getting ready in the morning wasn’t that easy?

Think about your trip to work.

Did you drive to work or catch the train? Did you do that in “auto-pilot”? Do you remember it?

Do you remember the first time you made that trip and how much you had to think?

These are examples of routine. Examples of our subconscious mind taking over and performing tasks without our conscious mind even having to consider a detail.

A routine enhances the use of our subconscious in more scenarios. Even as I write this article, I’ve had a coffee, napped, and then found a comfortable spot with a view where I know my creative mind will operate the best. I do the entire thing by feel of routine. I start typing and word vomit onto paper as much as possible. Then I let the writing percolate for anywhere from a day to a few months. Then I sit with a wine, edit, cut, add, cut some more and finalise. Article written.

Routines are efficient, they disallow distractions and they disallow doubt. Whether you are performing under pressure or want to make sure you hit every single day with the same forceful attitude and hurricane energy – routines are the answer. Take advantage of your subconscious. Take advantage of routines.

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