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"Be a craftsman in speech that thou mayest be strong, for the strength of one is the tongue, and speech is mightier than all fighting." - The Maxims of Ptahhotep (XXXIV)

Your Environment. Your Support. Your Results.

I have trained in many gyms, in many countries, over many years and I have never achieved the results nor had the athletic determination I have had since joining 98. The environment supports results. The culture of people and the atmosphere is beyond any gym, anywhere. It’s not a ‘gym culture’, that description is not apt. It’s a culture of people. Many members may not even put training, fitness or aesthetics at the top of their priorities, but when they walk through those doors, the environment takes over and results are inevitable.

 “You are the product of your environment”;
“Hang out with 5 millionaires and you’ll be the 6th”;
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Your environment matters. You’ve heard the sayings and read the analogies. There is a clear relationship between one's environments and one's level of success.

Ask yourself:

  •         Why is there a “Home Ground Advantage”?
  •         Why do writers work in coffee shops?
  •         Why do the best footballers come from the same few schools?
  •         Why are Libraries such an effective place to study?

Simple. The environment. Create the right environment, create the right support, create the results.

There are numerous studies on the correlation between types of environment and success. Geographical location, generation, culture and customs, religious views, colleges and even the month of the year you were born. Renowned researcher and novelist Malcolm Gladwell highlights the theories of environmental influence on success in his book, Outliers.

Gladwell discusses a list of the top 75 richest people in history, ever. It is found that of the list, fourteen of the names are Americans born between the years 1831 and 1840. Gladwell explains. During the 1860s and 1870s America transformed. Industrial manufacturing boomed, the railways were built and Wall Street had begun. Gladwell concludes that if you were born late enough, so as to not have a ‘depression mindset’ and you were old enough to take advantage of the economic transformation, America’s environment magnified your prospects for historically significant wealth.

Some see this example as a circumstance of luck or “Right place, right time”. My thought though - if we are aware that our environment can magnify our results this significantly, is it not our responsibility to immerse ourselves in such environments.

Whether it’s our workplace, family dinner table, seeing old friends or keeping fit, all environments need to support the task and the desired results. Homely Ol’ English pubs are a great place to catch up with friends. Beer loosens the tongue and the atmosphere provides comfort. Family dinners are best at the dining table without the distraction of a screen. Then there is our workplace, the environment in which we spend majority of our waking hours and where ‘success’ is our primary goal.

Perhaps it is a cubicle, a corner office, a classroom or a home office. Our space must magnify our chance of significant results. Neat and tidy desks encourage order. Messy desks might promote creativity. Highly visible to-do lists keep us on track. A desktop background picture of our goal might be a telling reminder of our why. Our work environment must support the results we want to achieve.

In all human endeavour; intellectual, creative, physical, only 2% have the ability and determination to fully realise their goals. This is known as the 98th percentile.

I spend majority of my waking hours at the gym. 98 provides the finest equipment and latest facilities. The above quote is printed on the wall. Other walls are covered in remnants of hard work, numbers of workouts gone by, client results and personal bests. 98’s interior and atmosphere supports its members to perform their best. An apex environment.

Many gyms provide the above.  98 has more. 98’s magic is not only in the physical surroundings. 98’s key is the culture, the community, the feeling – the people.

Regardless of your goal, age or experience – walking into the atmosphere of 98 enhances your performance. It’s a subliminal pack mentality and everyone commits to it – even the unaware. It begins with the manager, filters through the trainers and emanates from the members. There is a standard set and it will be maintained.

Our environment and the people we engage with everyday need to reflect and support our goals. Find people on the same journey. Find people who hold the same or higher standards. Remain in their company and results follow suit. Attitudes are contagious. Energy is contagious. Language, effort, habits and even passion is contagious.

I guarantee that your thoughts and your habits matched those of the people you spent your time with today. Are they the habits and thoughts you want? Humans are social. One of the hardest decisions we will ever make is to rid people from our life. And I get it... it’s scary. No one wants to be alone or be ‘mean’. Trust me, it’s necessary. The more room you make by losing baggage, the more room will be taken up by positive influences.

There is a relationship between where your life is now and your environment. Reaching your goals is hard work. Make it easier. Enhance your physical surroundings and welcome people with a higher standard into your life. Environment Supports Results.

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